Coaching is All About You

What do you really want?

What are your goals?

What is your ideal life vision?

As your coach I will help you clarify the answers to these questions:

  1. Develop clear goals and success strategies to get what you want.
  2. Break old life patterns, behaviors, and thinking that hold you back.
  3. Take action to make change happen


Action Coaching

Tired of thinking and talking about what you want and getting nowhere? Action coaching puts you in action to reach your goals.

  • Feel stuck, unsatisfied, want change but can’t get motivated?
  • Troubled with a difficult relationship?
  • Problems at work?
  • Going nowhere in your career?
  • Facing an important life transition?
  • Looking for more, but don’t know how to find it?
  • Is your life out of balance?

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My Pledge To You As Your Coach

  • I listen to understand you.
  • I challenge you to exceed your expectations of yourself.
  • I hold you accountable to take action and break the barriers to your goals.
  • I help you develop your strengths.
  • I help you gain new insights and develop new skills.
  • I challenge you to develop as a person and draw out your innate wisdom.
  • I celebrate with you each winning step along the way.

Diana has been working with individuals and organizations as a coach, therapist, and consultant since 1992. She is on the senior faculty, teaching coaching, at the Institute for Life Coach Training. Her credentials include:

  • BCC Board Certified Coach: National Board of Certified Counselors and Coaches
  • ACC Associate Certified Coach: International Coach Federation
  • CLC Certified Life Coach: Institute of Life Coach Training


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What Coaching Clients Are Saying About Diana

“Diana has given complete attention to what I want to accomplish in coaching… I am so grateful to her for encouraging … me to keep the flames of my passion alive. Since working with her my self-esteem has increased and I feel hopeful about my future. She has been my guide through a very important life transition and I am ever grateful to her for showing me the importance of honoring my process and, most importantly, myself.” JR

“Hi, Diana. Just wanted you to know what a difference you are making in my life. I truly value our coaching time. Even early this morning I was working on my ABCDE process when a few stray negative thoughts came into my head. Some of the tools and insights you have given me will really help me change from the ‘inside out’. You are a gem” PS