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People Skills Balance the Human and Technical Sides of Organizations

Investing in your most important asset, Human Capital, is smart business

De-Stress the workplace

In today’s uncertain world, stress is high, and people become less resilient to the difficulties of work and life. Increased workloads and shorter turnarounds can be overwhelming. People are expected to do more with less, jeopardizing health and profits, and undermining work life balance and quality of life. Stressed working relationships reduce performance. Emotional intelligence and working well together under stressful conditions are crucial to avoid burnout and to maintain a healthy workforce. A healthy workforce is a healthy organization.

“Diana was the first speaker we considered when we were planning our Women’s Forum event.  Her trainings are always enjoyable, informative, and consistently receive top evaluation scores.”


Workshops and Speaking Programs

***These speaking programs can be customized for non-workplace functions.

A Selected List Tailored to Your Needs:

Work-Life Balance:

*** A healthy-living program that fuels peak performance, job satisfaction, and personal life fulfillment.

Peoplemap™ Training and Development Systems:

***Diana Kilinski, certified Peoplemap™ coach and trainer. Harness the power of different personal styles to improve communication, professional relationships, leadership, and teamwork.

Dealing With Difficult People:

***Bring out the best in people, even when they are at their worst.

Forget The Fear And Just Do It:

*** Free yourself from fears that prevent you from realizing your potential in work and life.

Difficult Conversations, Positive Communication Skills:

*** Win-win skills for high-stakes conversations when positive outcomes are crucial.

Coaching Skills for Managers in a Multi-Generational Workplace:

Coaching skills that address the unique needs of different generations to achieve high performance and job satisfaction.

Preventing Burnout:

*** Signs, symptoms, causes, and coping strategies.

Handling Angry and Abusive People:

Assertive steps to handle counter-productive work behavior and hostile interactions.

Violence in the Workplace:

Guidelines to prevent and respond to violent, threatening behaviors and a hostile work environment.

Trauma in the Workplace:

Understand the immediate and long term trauma reactions, and how to stabilize you staff after a critical, traumatic event.

***These speaking programs can be customized for non-workplace functions.

Special Coaching Bonus for Any Workshop

Have you ever gone to a workshop only to forget half of what you learned within a month?

Get the most out of your workshop dollars. Attend one of Diana’s workshops and get a special discount for three custom-designed coaching sessions that will put workshop information into action for immediate and long term results.

“In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%.”

Fortune Magazine

“…training, when augmented with coaching, yielded productivity increases almost four times the level achieved by training alone (88%).”

Public Personnel Management

The Light Side of Work & Life Balance

Fun Programs for Fun Events, Clubs, Associations, Special Events, Conferences

Tame Your Inner Frump©:

Put a leash on negative self talk and life patterns that keep you stuck and get in the way of moving forward with your life.

How to Be a VIP in Your Own Life:

Take yourself off the back burner. Treat yourself like the Very Important Person you are. Give yourself the TLC you deserve. Make the life of your dreams a part of the life you live today.

Your Personal Peoplemap™ To Understand Self & Others:

Learn how the interaction of different personality types affect relationships and communication. Learn skills for better communication and relationships with friends, family and coworkers.

Dealing with Friends and Relatives Who Drive You Nuts:

You know who they are. Learn positive communication skills to deal with difficult relationships.

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