Feeling Down, Anxious, Worried?

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Studies from the field of brain science show most people don’t need medication to feel better. My counseling approach is based on this research. I will help you find answers to your difficulty. I help you develop the skills of healthy thinking and lifestyle known to help alleviate feeling down, anxious and worried.

The Many Benefits of Healthy Life Skills

Depression: Learn the 5-Step Method to prevent depression from ruling your life.

Anxiety: Master the skills to calm the anxiety reaction.

Difficult past experiences that continue to affect the present: Learn to understand your difficult past so it no longer has emotional power over your present and future.

Anger Management: Learn to change your automatic hot button responses from anger to positive solutions.

Poor Self Esteem & Low Confidence: Release yourself from self doubt and underlying negative beliefs that hold you back in life.

Grief & Loss: Find your way through your pain to peace and resolution.

Stress Management: Learn resilience, skills to calm your body and mind, and find life balance.

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A Message To My Counseling Clients

My purpose as a therapist is to help you discover your capacity to make changes that will improve the quality of your life. My goals are to facilitate the process of self-understanding and the development of problem-solving strategies and coping skills. Therapy is a cooperative effort where you and I work together to identify therapeutic goals and the process to achieve those goals. The first appointment is dedicated to get acquainted and to identify a positive outcome for the therapy process. I focus on solutions and the strengths of my clients. The techniques used are primarily solution focus and cognitive-behavioral. I accept many health insurance plans.

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