A Coach is Like a Personal Trainer for Your Life and Work

    • Do you feel stuck attaining your goals?


    • Are you facing an important transition or life change?


    • Are you looking for more in your life, but don’t know where to start?


  • Do you need to be held accountable to take action toward your goal?

As your coach, I will help you move out of that “stuck place”.  I will help you create new success strategies.  I will join you as a partner in your exciting journey toward the life you want.

My Pledge To You As Your Coach

I pledge to hold your vision and goals as sacred.  I will help you eliminate self-limiting beliefs and help you discover your true life path that is congruent with your deepest values and life dreams.  I will hold you accountable to keep your promise to yourself to reach your goals.  I will unconditionally support you in your journey to your dreams.

  • I believe you have the innate wisdom to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • I believe you have the gifts to thrive and grow through life’s difficulties.
  • I believe you have the potential for many life paths and the innate capacity to accomplish a wide variety of things.
  • I believe you must honor your inner stirrings toward life dreams and goals.

What Clients Are Saying About Diana

“Diana has given complete attention to what I want to accomplish in coaching…  I am so grateful to her for encouraging … me to keep the flames of my passion alive. Since working with her my self-esteem has increased and I feel hopeful about my future.  She has been my guide through a very important life transition and I am ever grateful to her for showing me the importance of honoring my process and, most importantly, myself.”  JR

“Hi, Diana. Just wanted you to know what a difference you are making in my life.  I truly value our coaching time.  Even early this morning I was working on my ABCDE process when a few stray negative thoughts came into my head.  Some of the tools and insights you have given me will really help me change from the ‘inside out’.  You are a gem” PS

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