What Is Your Work-Life Balance Score?

Want to assess your stress level?

Find out if you are Burned out?

Diana Kilinski of Savvy Life Skills has assessments to help you find out.

How Vulnerable Are You To Stress?

Stress VulnerabilityStress is a fact of life. But when stress goes unmanaged, it tends to build to a level that threatens to undermine your work and personal life. The lifestyle choices you make determine how vulnerable you are to the destructive forces of unmanaged stress.

The Vulnerability To Stress Test will help you see where you need to make changes in your lifestyle to manage your stress and create balance in your life.

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Are You Burned Out?

Burned OutBurnout can derail you in your work and personal life. It can do great harm to your physical and mental well-being.

My hope is that the information you get about yourself from the quiz will help you make the necessary changes to live a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The Burnout Quiz is an informal evaluation which shows how you rank on the Burnout Scale. The scale evaluates two crucial measurements of burnout:

  • Burnout Vulnerability Factors: Work, Lifestyle, and Personality
  • Burnout Warning Signs: Physical, Emotional, Behavioral

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Work Life Balance Quiz

Stacked RocksHave you ever thought you needed more balance in your life, but just didn’t know where to start? 

The Work-Life Balance Quiz is a great first step.

It gives you a snapshot of your Seven Areas of Life, and which areas are out of balance. 

To help you choose where to start putting more balance in your life, please take advantage of your introductory free half-hour coaching call. Contact me at diana@savvylifeskills.com

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